EU-Sulfur SO2 Detecting System for foods

Simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective, only four steps to complete the test


Simple operation: user-friendly interface, easy operation
Justice data: the data are not being measured is deliberately amended to ensure fairness
Save time: no need to keep separate test equipment, can be tested anywhere, anytime
Economic benefits: You can save cost and time-consuming testing more than 50%

Testing Categories

Pickled fruits and vegetables such as: mustard, pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots, etc .
Drying fruits and vegetables, dry goods, such as: day lilies, mushrooms, etc.
Dry goods such as dried seafood: scallops, shrimp, etc.
Drying preserves food such as dried fruits: melon, kumquat, dried persimmons, etc.
Bamboo utensils, such as: bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks, bamboo fork, etc.
 Alcoholic drinks such as: wine, fruit wine, etc.



Item  content
Detector size  (W)105mm X(L) 60mm X (H)18mm
Detector weight  72g
Number of memory  Section 200
Computer transfer  USB
Measuring time  18 seconds~45seconds
Range of values SO2 content:24~2000 ppm
Accuracy CV% < 6%
Testing samples 3.5μl



EU-Sulfur SO2 Detecting Meter x1
Lithium Battery 3V x1
EU-Sulfur user’s manual x1
USB Cable x1

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